After abandoning healthy eating and exercise in college, I was tired, out of shape and unmotivated. I had no energy after my long 10-hour shifts at the hospital and was insecure about my appearance on the weekends. I decided that if I ever wanted to live the life I had always imagined, I would need to start pursuing a healthier lifestyle. To support this goal of “getting healthy,” I made the goal to climb Mount Kilimanjaro in May 2016. I knew that I would have to be in the best shape of my life if I ever wanted to make it to 19,341 feet.

The problem? I am no mountaineer and have never considered myself an athlete. I had gained weight during college and only exercised a handful of times since high school.

Sadly, it was only a few months into my training that I began to feel burnt out and unmotivated at the local gym. In February 2015, I took my first Shred415 class. I left drenched in sweat and more optimistic than ever before.

I began taking 2-3 classes per week, and within a month, I was hooked. With every class I felt stronger, faster and more optimistic about reaching my goal. Every class was different, and the variety kept me interested even after months of training. The instructors seem to know exactly when you’re ready to give up. The motivation was unreal!

After some of the longest shifts at the hospital, when exercise was a dreaded thought, Shred415 became the best part of my day. The familiar faces, motivating community and energetic instructors never failed to brighten my mood. My thoughts? I just have to get there. Walk through the door—and even if I am exhausted and walk the whole entire class, I will still be lapping everyone on the couch!

My goal was to get healthy, however with the help of Shred415, I was able to surpass my goal and am now stronger, leaner and more confident. I want to personally thank all the STL Shred415 instructors and Bonnie and Tracy for helping me accomplish something I never thought possible. I successfully summited Mount Kilimanjaro on June 5th 2016, making it a day I will remember for a lifetime.

Standing on top of Kilimanjaro, I realized that over the last 15 months, the training actually had NOTHING to do with getting to the top of a mountain. Instead, I learned that a mountain is the perfect symbol for life itself. The journey has peaks, valleys, highs and lows. Sometimes you want to give up, but the hardest challenges always yield the most rewarding experience. This was true standing at 19,341 feet. I encourage everyone to try Shred415. Use it to conquer any obstacle, goal or mountain in your life; I promise you will
not be disappointed!


My experience with Shred415 started in December 2014. Like many before me, I was seeking a change physically and wanting more energy to get through all of life's stresses. But for me, my first visit to the studio was a complete cold call; I had no idea what to expect during those 60 minutes, so I had no real nervousness or stress going in—just a million questions!

So many questions, in fact, that Katie Schreiber, my first teacher, finally told me, "Just do what I tell you when I say it". Yes ma'am. Only it was so challenging, I couldn't! But I felt great, albeit a little embarrassed. And so, I decided to go again and again to get through the holidays. Then the New Year began, and I made a further commitment to really engage and see what would happen if I went three or four times a week.  

Each time I was a little faster, quicker, stronger and each time I finished a session I felt amazing. Oh, and the weight really started coming off. Ten pounds in the first six weeks, then another six pounds the following month.  This was awesome! I roped my wife into trying it, and soon we starting having Shred dates together.  We even had our family Shred time on Saturday mornings with the kids in the playroom.  

Towards the end of February 2015 I had a mental goal to really push myself for a few more weeks going into spring break and see where my weight, strength and endurance was before taking a little time off for the beach.  I was eating healthy, fighting the physical recoveries and loving the community. Everything was fitting right into place for me, until I got injured. Shred415 was off the table for good.  

Only I've never been a very good listener… after 12 weeks of rehabilitation, I decided to return back one more time. When the buzzer went off, it was like a weight was lifted.  I made it through pain free, and deep down knew I could get back to a community and studio that I truly loved. I worked my way back to two to three sessions a week, with cross training and deep stretch sessions to prevent injuries.

I have lost another 9 pounds in the last 15 months, and a total of 30 pounds and 3+ inches off my waist since December 2014. My biometrics are in excellent shape; I'm constantly quizzed on what I do when I get them tested. In two years, I've cut two full minutes off my mile pace, and I still have a near-term goal of beating that seven minute mile.  My stress levels are much lower, my energy levels much higher.  And as important, I've really found a great community to connect with.  I'm constantly surprised and motivated by all the trainers and other shredders in the St. Louis studio.  Each has their own story, but with a common connection and set of goals. I didn't quite get it initially, but we share so much, not only during those 60 minutes, but after class, too. They are my tribe, my team of Avengers.

I find that I never truly get tired of the studio. You would think so after 120+ times per year for several years, but it’s the people! The St. Louis studio has something really special and worth coming back for as my goals and training aspirations change. Katie Schreiber, Kristen Beracha, Heather Fox, Miguel Romero, etc. personally invest in everyone who visits the studio. It's really cool to see.  The journey just doesn't stop, and I am blessed!






In the bitterly cold winter of 2015, I had my beautiful baby daughter. As a new mom, stuck inside and elbows deep in feedings and diapers, I struggled with finding the time to work out. As an avid exerciser and someone who loves to be active, I started to feel off balance. I absolutely adored my daughter and loved being a mom, but it felt impossible to carve out time for myself and get back to my pre-baby self.

A friend told me she had heard that Shred415 had great childcare and that I should try it. I was very nervous about leaving my precious baby with someone, even for an hour, and so I called to check it out. Lyndsey Coppock put me at ease explaining how experienced the sitters were and how they would take good care of my daughter! Sure enough, the sitters were awesome and really got to know my daughter’s likes and dislikes. As my daughter got older, she had some separation anxiety and the sitters were so great at explaining how mommy would be back soon and calming her down. That soon passed and she loves going to Shred and playing with her friends.

I was immediately hooked on the workout, as well. For one hour all I could focus on was “pushing buttons!” and listening to the instructors. I came out of class energized and de-stressed. In the past, I had frequented countless fitness studios - spin, Pilates, barre, yoga, etc. but nothing is as good as Shred415. As a mom, time is so precious and Shred415 maximizes every minute! Thanks to Shred415, I was back to my pre-baby weight four months post-partum.

As a mom, your needs come second to your child’s needs, but it is absolutely crucial to take care of yourself. As someone once told me, you cannot pour from an empty cup. By taking care of myself and making exercise a priority, I am showing my daughter how important it is to stay active. At Shred415, both my needs and my daughter’s needs are tcompletely met. I truly believe Shredding makes me a better mom!



My Shred415 journey began three years ago. I was diagnosed with ulcerative colitis in my late twenties, and following the birth of my two children in my early thirties, struggled with chronic pain and fatigue. I tried a multitude of injectable drugs and medications with terrible side effects for five years including rheumatoid arthritis, migraines and nausea. In the summer of 2013, my GI doctor told me that my only alternative was colon removal, a three-part surgery performed over 18 months.  

It was then that I knew I needed a new plan. My husband recommended the paleo diet and a consistent cardio routine. I signed up for Shred415 in the fall of 2013 and haven’t looked back.   The first few classes were tough, but the positive encouragement from my Shred friends as well as the instructors kept me coming.

I currently attend 4-5 classes a week, and have been in remission for just over three years. Perhaps most incredible is that I actually look forward to the mornings I crawl out of bed at 4:30am to make it to Fadil’s 5:20am class. Without drugs or surgery, Shred415 has become my therapy and access to a healthy life!