Congrats to Our January & February Members!

February 25, 2019

The 415 Club is an exclusive group of elite Shredders who have taken at least 415 Shred415 classes.‍‍‍ Congrats to all of our January and February 2019 members!

Stacy Zabrin
Priscilla Hoelscher
Teri Cohen
Nancy Reinsdorf
Missy Kanter
Mayo Amos
Johnny Truong
Rob Goltermann
Julie Redmond
Meghan Tyson
Melissa Wall
Tracy Cohen
Heidi Gleason
Jeannine Essex
Kathryn Fitzgerald
Lauren Foley
Beth Bentley
Carly Goerdt
Lauren Letizia
Kristi Gabrione
Sarah Earl
Emily Anderson
Kevin Fitzgerald
Jymme Chaouki
Tara Long
Jason Lovelace
Kristin Dailey
Kate Secor
Jayme Wellman
Shalvi Hirpara