Congrats to Our March Members!

March 7, 2019

The 415 Club is an exclusive group of elite Shredders who have taken at least 415 Shred415 classes.‍‍‍ Congrats to all of our March 2019 members!

Ali Ybarra
Bonnie Kuhn
Brian Letizia
Camille Fiess
Cara VanWormer
Chuck Coleman
Crissy Crane
Emily Gurwitz
Erin Hines
Eva Schwartz
Jenna Pearson
Jim Smith
Joanne Favuzza
Katie Hartigan
Kristen Hrones
Laura Copilevitz
Laura Simberg
Lauren Keach
Mary Clare Fonseca
Rekha Harting
Sanjeev Bhalla
Sarah Crookston
Susan Provenzano
Suzanne Rafferty
Tracy Cohen