Congratulations to our August 2019 Members!

August 2, 2019

The 415 Club is an exclusive group of elite Shredders who have taken at least 415 Shred415 classes.‍‍‍ Congrats to all of our June & July 2019 members!

Alison Potish
Ashli Pickens
Becky Dewbray
Christine Tinker
Eileen O’Connor
Ela Lewis
Elizabeth Grisanzio
Elizabeth Shydlowski
Emily Schallman
Erin McNaughton
Heather Kirchner
Katie Czechowski
Kellie Sarn
Linda Pace
Lynn Cherney
Mercedes Goldberg-Cruz
Michael Skupien
Robert Tanakatsubo
Stacy Searle
Susan Schueler