April 2022: Carl Schmid | Shred415 Hurstbourne – Louisville, KY

April 12, 2022

Just over five months later, I achieved taking 100 Shred classes and managed to lose 40 pounds along the way. Not only was I feeling better physically but mentally as well.

Over eight years ago, I began working in professional sports and always put work first over my own health. I slowly began to put on weight and when the pandemic hit, I weighed the most I ever had. With the sports world being on pause and extra time on my hands, I began walking and mixed in some running and the weight started to come off. I felt great but as live sports returned, and with less staff, work was put first again and taking care of myself was put on the back burner. My eating habits became worse and the weight I had lost, quickly came right back.

My co-worker set-up a private class with a group from work in early April 2021 and I begrudgingly agreed to go. I could barely walk after class and was sore for four days – but in a way that I knew was good. A little over a week later, I dove in. I started taking three classes a week which quickly became four or five. Just over five months later, I have taken 100 Shred classes and managed to lose 40 pounds along the way. Not only was I feeling better physically, but mentally as well. Whether it’s starting the day before the sun comes up, extra work on the weekends, or just an hour to escape and destress, Shred415 has become part of my weekly routine.

I’ve slowly increased my ending warm-up pace and feel more confident reaching for heavier weights and pushing myself in class. Beyond the physical & mental benefits of the workout, the community and support I’ve found at Shred415 has been amazing. From the trainers to the people I’ve met in class, everyone pushes you in the best way possible. People ask about how work is going, how family is doing, vacation plans, etc. I have a daughter, which has become a routine topic of conversation as people ask how she’s doing. Getting to class can be difficult, but continuing to live a healthy lifestyle is that much more important.

Shred415 and the community that we have, has not only helped push me to lose weight but motivates me to keep it off, which has always been the toughest thing for me.