December 2021: Katrina Wittkamp | Shred415 Lincoln Park – Chicago, IL

December 9, 2021

I’m turning 50 and I feel more like I’m turning 30.

I started going to the Shred415 Chicagoland studios about seven years ago.  I was overweight, unhappy and felt like I wasn’t strong enough to do anything about it. I would go to my local gym and use the elliptical for half an hour and I thought, “that was a good workout.”  Now I realize I may as well have gone to the gym and taken a nap!

My first Shred415 classes were with Cole Cruz, Fadil Chosovich, Melissa Knepp, Jeremy Walton and Mark Beier. They pushed me, encouraged me, supported me and took me on a journey that led me to the realization I did deserve to be happy. I remember in my first class my ending warmup-pace was so much lower than it is now, and I thought I was crushing it then!

I’m turning 50 and I feel more like I’m turning 30. I have friends that complain of back pain, leg pain and pain everywhere at this age!  Shred415 has helped me strengthen my body so I can work as a photographer, carrying heavy bags and setting up equipment without feeling sore and rarely fatigued.  

I now go to Shred almost daily, not because I want to be skinny or I’m obsessed with exercise. It is because when I walk out of Shred, I feel like I have the strength I need to face whatever the day brings. Shred doesn’t only strengthen my body, it makes me strong mentally. The thing I enjoy most is that the workout is meant to be fun -that’s why I took this photo with my kids!  

Now that I am strong mentally, my kids and I are always laughing, having fun and never taking ourselves too seriously. Shred415 helped lead me to this place and for that I will always be grateful!