May 2020: Laura Turley | Shred415 Elm Grove| Milwaukee, WI

May 19, 2020

“Shred415 helps me balance; it brings me back to myself in this crazy, stressful world.”

I took my first Shred415 class about a year and a half ago. After that first class, I was hooked! The support and encouragement of the crew at Shred415 Elm Grove is unlike anything I’ve ever experienced before in a workout class. At the time I was a student working towards my Doctorate in Nursing, and a full-time Cardiovascular ICU nurse. I found the convenient class times and thorough butt kicking that came with each class to be just what I needed to get me through my studies.  

Now, I am a frontline worker during COVID. Everything has changed in my career and in my life. The stress and emotions are high as we try to find our new normal in healthcare. It is an extremely “heavy” environment and trying to stay upbeat for our extremely ill patients is a constant struggle as we are the only source of comfort that they have. I feel the weight of the day before I even arrive, and find it hard to shake while driving home.  

Shred415 helps me balance; it brings me back to myself in this crazy, stressful world. Helps me remember that nothing is permanent, and this challenge too shall pass. I wish more than anything that I could drag my butt to the studio at 4:30 am before my long 12-hour shift, but I am so grateful to be able to log in for an online class and feel the support and encouragement rush through me!  

THANK YOU #SHREDFAM for helping this nurse through this! I couldn’t do what I do, without YOU!