// Health and Safety Protocols and Procedures

Reduced class capacity: Class sizes will be limited to 15.

Deck/Tread Assignment: Shredders will be assigned a starting deck or tread, and each deck or tread will be used by only one Shredder for the duration of class.

Please understand that we are unable to accommodate all requests for specific decks or treads.

Class Format: All class formats will have limited transitions.

There will be no shared equipment between clients.

Entering and Exiting the Studio: The front doors will be unlocked 5-10 minutes prior to class time. After class, Shredders will need to leave the studio immediately. This will allow staff to prepare for the next class.

Late arrivals: If you will be late to class, please call the studio ahead of time to inform them of your late arrival.

A maximum of 15 minutes after the class starts will be allowed before the late arrival will be invalid.

Late Cancel/No-Show Policy: This policy will remain active for all classes. All late cancels and no-shows will result in the corresponding penalty. Please let us know if you need to cancel a class reservation so that we can provide your spot to another Shredder.

Face Coverings: In accordance with CDC recommendations, studio staff will wear face coverings at all times.

Shredders are not required to wear face coverings during class.

Personal Belongings: Please bring only the personal belongings that you absolutely need.

All belongings must be placed in each Shredders’ assigned Treadmill.

Towels: We'll continue to provide complimentary towel service but feel free to bring your own towel if you'd like.

Towels are kept in a sealed container and distributed by a gloved staff member.

Showers: Showers will be assigned on a first come first serve basis and will be fully disinfected by our staff between use.

Shared Amenities: Amenities such as hair ties, q-tips, deodorant, dry shampoo and hair dryers will not be available at this time.