This is more than a workout

Four 15-Minute Intervals. That’s How We Shred.

Experience High Intensity Interval Training

Born from a desire to create an effective fitness solution for the increasingly busy lifestyle, Shred415 combines the infectious energy of group training with the flexibility and focus of a personalized program—in an incredibly supportive environment. Here, you control how hard you work, matching your pace and weights to your level and goals. Our instructors are expert trainers, but more than that, they’re passionate about helping you find your success. And because we offer childcare, finding that success becomes a little easier—even with your full schedule.

These 60 minutes are all about you. Let’s make them count.

What to Expect

// During Class

We don’t believe in one-size-fits-all fitness. Instead, we empower you to work at your own level and speed so that you can gradually push to your next level. We’ll alternate between treadmill drills and floor work, including strength training and cardio bursts. Your instructor will be there every step of the way, creating personalized modifications to help you get the most out of your workout.
What You'll Achieve

// Visible Results

Our method is designed to create stronger, more efficient bodies. By combining dynamic running technique drills with high-intensity intervals, our program safely and effectively increases neuromuscular efficiency and aerobic capacity.  You’ll burn 500 to 1200 calories every class—and keep your body burning them long after it’s over. Many people start seeing (and feeling) results within four weeks.
What You'll Get

// Inclusive Experience

When we say this is more than a workout, we mean it. Here, you become part of the family the moment you walk in. From our instructors to our staff to your fellow Shredders, you’ll find the support you need to give you that extra little push toward your goals. We even offer childcare and a kids’ lounge—so you can take that time for yourself, worry-free.

// In The News

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