Behind the Mic: What’s Your Favorite Running Shoe?

March 27, 2017


Heather McCarthy, Hinsdale Instructor

I’m always looking for the latest and best shoes. Makes such a difference. My newest loves are the Ultraboost by Stella McCartney for Adidas (for both look and fit!).




Molly Corcoran, Indy Instructor

I love my Asics Fluidrides. They’re great for me because I pronate when I run and these shoes help me get the extra support where I need it! Make sure you have the right shoe to match how you run because stability is so important to help prevent any injuries.



Andi Metzler, Indy Instructor

Brooks Ghost is my favorite Shred415 shoe. These shoes are light, fast, and super comfy. They have plenty of cushion for longer runs, but also provide great bounce for quick turnover when pushing pace. They look pretty cool too.




Lindsay Hool, St. Louis Instructor

Asics Gel Nimbus. I’ve ran in them for over 25 years, including 16 marathons, one ultra, and probably close to 12,500 miles (or halfway around the equator). My shoes haven’t failed me yet, so I’m loyal.



Caroleen Wheeland, Chicago Instructor

I love Brooks’ PureProject line. My ULTIMATE favorite pair is Brooks PureConnect, which has been discontinued. Why? I like to “feel the road” and they have a 4mm (low) drop. The shoe is more “minimalist.” For me, a lower drop shoe solved any ankle/calf twinges I had. Since I’m on my last two pairs of Connect, I will be integrating some PureFlows since I plan on doing the Soldier Field 10 and Shamrock Shuffle this spring.



D. Mike Kelly, Chicago Instructor

A good shoe—it’s supportive, tolerates lateral movement, and is not too heavy!