February 2023: Abby Mulvihill | Shred415 Louisville – Louisville, KY – Castle Rock, CO

February 1, 2023

At Shred415, the exercise is just a bonus.  I’ve always had the passion to exercise, play sports and live a healthy lifestyle. My gym membership cards are a rolodex of boxing, cycling, body pump, and mega gyms across three states. At a young age my parents would drop me off at the YMCA and pick me up an hour later. Through all those clubs, exercise was always a task to ensure I looked fit. It was something that I did alone.

                My husband was not surprised when I told him I was joining a new gym. He had seen me burn out at each prior location and figured this would be just another stop on my fitness journey.  I’m sure I had the same thought too, wondering when that burnt out feeling would come. However, I can confidently say that Shred415 is not just my fitness journey. It is a place where I look forward to seeing others that share the same passion. It is a place that makes me feel happy, not just for myself, but for other people in the room and all that we are accomplishing. When I tell someone they should join Shred415, it isn’t because the workout is the best (it is by the way), but because I want them to be a part of this community and feel the same passion and excitement I do before and after each class!

This community has supported me in my highest and lowest points. Unfortunately, nearly three years ago, I lost my mom to heart disease. The Louisville Shred community came together to help me raise funds and awareness in my quest to become American Heart Association’s National Leaders for Life winner for 2022. Together, they helped me raise nearly $125,000! At nine months pregnant, we celebrated my 415th class! My now 6-month-old daughter has an ingrained appreciation for loud, hip-hop. 

Louisville Shred415 has been a constant for me and taught me to make sure I am working out for others in my life, not just for me and how it makes my body look. It is about being healthy for those you love and those who love you. Having a great time in this fun space is just a perk!