May 2022: Heather Kirchner | Shred415 Brentwood – St. Louis, MO

May 13, 2022

I recently Shredded my 700th class and the words “More Than a Workout” have never felt more true or meaningful to me. I initially started Shred415 with a few girlfriends as a way to get in shape after graduating. Since then, Shred415 has been my constant through engagement, wedding stress, pregnancy, postpartum, work stress, and most recently a miscarriage.

The past year has been challenging for everyone. Professionally, I was working through an acquisition with a small start-up I was part of, while personally dealing with the loss of a baby that we were so excited to welcome into our family. It was in one way the most rewarding year of my life, while on the other it was the most excruciating and challenging year to navigate. Since I know many of the instructors well, I was at the point of sharing and they were aware of my pregnancy. I’ll never forget the day I told Kate Payne about the loss, and the sweet and comforting words she returned back to me. During workouts, many of the instructors will say things like, “I KNOW you’ve done harder things,” or “set an intention and do this for the ones who can’t do it themselves” and suddenly those motivational words hit differently and were like therapy for me. I HAVE done harder things and I am going to be okay. If nothing else, I knew I could walk in that door at my lowest, and walk out feeling a bit lighter, which some days I needed more than anything.

Having Shred415 as the constant during the rollercoaster that was my life over the past year has truly supported my mental health and helped keep my commitment of putting myself first so I can be the best version of myself in my marriage, friendships, and professional life. There were days I was quietly in tears on the treadmill, or running into the class 30 seconds before it starts (the Brentwood team can definitely attest to this!), but I’ll be d*mned if I don’t show up because it’s way more than a workout for me now – it’s the opportunity for me to leave everything else at the door, and enjoy the community, support, and even some laughs each time I’m there!