October 2022: Hailey Granatelli | Shred415 Old Town – Chicago, IL

September 30, 2022

I took my first Shred415 class on March 16, 2017. Five days later, at 30 years young, I was diagnosed with breast cancer. I knew the road ahead of me would not be the easiest one – but I also knew that if I prepared my body (and my mind) to fight the good fight, I could do it.

I immediately purchased a package of Shred classes. Coming off a few years of distance running, I was thrilled to have found a studio that promoted strength, endurance, and personal growth. The energy in the room is contagious in a Shred415 class. The floor pushes with the treads, but you’re not competing with anyone other than yourself. I didn’t compare myself to the person running next to me who might have been hitting faster running speeds; I wasn’t worried about lifting heavier than the next person on the decks. All that mattered is that I showed up, I was moving, and I was given 60 minutes in my day to feel empowered and get away from the turbulence of my everyday life (ball slam burpees anyone?).

I Shredded as much as I could throughout my treatments. On a good day, there is no better feeling during a Shred class than when you are running on that treadmill and your instructor gives you a shout-out over the loud speaker. And let me tell you, when that happens on a bad day, your spirit becomes ignited. You challenge yourself to become better, faster and stronger. You silence that voice in your head that doubts you can do it. And I carried that with me through EVERY STEP of my treatment process.

Every year, I’m ecstatic to celebrate two very important anniversaries: my remission anniversary and my Shred anniversary. In the cancer community, five years of remission is a BIG deal, and I’m so blessed to have hit that landmark this year! I also officially became a member of the 415 Club with my 415th class! I’m also over-the-moon to be a Shredded bride as I’m planning my 2023 wedding! With all of the highs and all of the lows, I’m so thankful for one constant in my life: Shred415.